Portfolio Editions

New compositions stimulate either new audiences or regular patrons, the most attentive organizers propose new works to their audience.

We are attentive to new productions and to young talent, to whom we propose our editorial services. In particular we are focused on composition that we are certain will meet organizers and audience needs. As a traditional theatrical impresario we propose to composers themes or subjects of interest and we provide the distribution to theaters and orchestras.

Some works of Premiere Music’s roster:


Betly Opera by Gaetano Donizetti

Betly Opera, ossia la Capanna Svizzera (die Schweizer Hütte) by Gaetano Donizetti
Musical comedy – opera in one act composed by Gaetano Donizetti, libretto by Gaetano Donizetti after Eugene Scribe and Wolfgang Goethe (1h 20’).

Original musical themes from various regions of Switzerland. Set in Canton Appenzell, performance with original Swiss costumes from the XVIII Century


  • On stage soprano, baritone, tenor, mixed Chorus, two girls appearance.

Orchestra 2/2/2/2 - 2/2/1/0 - Timpani - Strings

Perpetuum Mobile by Aurelio Scotto

Perpetuum Mobile – virtuoso piece by Aurelio Scotto for string orchestra, based on two Paganini Caprices (4’ totale timing).


  • String orchestra
  • Suggested minimum format 6/4/4/3/1 (Strings)


Three Languages By Mattia Zambolin

Grimm Brothers ‘Three Languages’ tale, by the Italian composer Mattia Zambolin (22’ totale timing)


  • Symphony orchestra 2fl/2ob/2cl/2fg – 3cr/2tr/1trb/0 – Timpani, Glockenspiel, Vibraphon, Bells, Marimba, Tamburo, Piatti, Triangolo, Tam tam, Wind chimes (3 players) – Harp, Celesta, Piano


Halloween Opera by Aurelio Scotto

Halloween Opera – Multimedial Family Opera – opera in two acts composed by Aurelio Scotto, libretto by Gabriele Duma (1h 30’).

Original musical themes from Ireland, England, America, and Great Britain.


  • On stage soprano, bariton, tenor, soprano (or white child voice), mixed Chorus, two children and one adult appearing.

Orchestra 2/2/2/2 - 2/2/0/0 - Timpani - Strings
Listen to excerpts


Christmas Night by Aurelio Scotto

Christmas Night by Aurelio Scotto (10’ totale timing)

Christmas composition for soloist and chamber orchestra based on traditional musical themes.


  • Chamber orchestra and speaker: 2fl/2ob/2cl/2fg - 4hr/2tr/0/0 - Timpani - Strings

Listen to excerpts (Link you tube)


Five musical fairy tales by Aurelio Scotto

Five musical fairy tales by the Italian composer Aurelio Scotto (50’ totale timing) under the title:

  • Moon and Star (original Chinese tale)
  • The horse and the river (original Japanese tale)
  • The golden child and the silver child (original Senegalese tale)
  • The Baba Yaga (original Russian tale)
  • The Robin bird (traditional Christmas tale)


  • String orchestra and speaker. Suggested format 8/6/6/4/1 (Strings)
  • Chamber orchestra and speaker 2fl/2ob/2cl/2fg - 2hr/2tr/0/0 - Timpani - Strings


Meditation by Aurelio Scotto

Meditation - piece by Aurelio Scotto for Violin and Piano by Aurelio Scotto (5’ totale timing).